Yaojun has been invited to give talks in a number of international conferences

20. IDA (The Danish Society of Engineers) Conference. Invited talk: CRISPR technologies for antibiotics discovery and development. Oct. 2020.
19.  International Conference on Natural Products and Synthetic Biology. Invited talk: CRISPR toolkit development to accelerate natural products discovery in actinomycetes. Webinar, . Jul. 2020.
18. ActinoBase e-Seminar, Natural products meet CRISPR, the BEST is coming. Webinar, . . May. 2020.
17. 2020 International Symposium on the Biology of Actinomycetes (ISBA) at Tornoto, Canada. Invited talk, upcoming…
16. 2019 NNFCB annual seminar. Invited talk: CRISPR based toolkit development for actinomycetes. Copenhagen, Denmark. Sep. 2019.
15. The fifth Synthetic Biology Young Scholar Forum. Invited talk: The BEST is coming for streptomyces natural products discovery. Tianjin, China. Aug. 2019.
14. Institute seminar. Invited talk: CRISPR based tools development for streptomycetes based natural products discovery. Tianjin Institute of Industrial Biotechnology, CAS. Tianjin, China. Aug. 2019.
13. Huixian forum of Bioengineering in East China University of Science and Technology. Invited talk: Natural product discovery meets CRISPR: The BEST is coming. Shanghai, China. May. 2019.
12. University seminar. Invited talk: CRISPR/Cas9 applications in natural product discovery. Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai, China. Oct. 2018.
11. 3rd Conference on Synthetic Microbiology and Intelligent Bioproduction. Invited talk: CRISPR meets natural product discovery the best is yet to come. Qingdao, China. Oct. 2018.
10. Copenhagen Bioscience Cluster “talking about CRISPR”. Invited talk: CRISPR based genome editing toolkit for actinomycetes. Copenhagen, Denmark. Apr. 2018.
9. VAAM workshop “Biology of Bacteria Producing Natural Products”. Invited talk: A highly efficient CRISPR-Cas9 system for Actinomycetal genome editing. Tübingen, Germany. Sep. 2017.
8. 2017 NNFCB annual seminar. Invited talk: New developments on actinomyces CRISPR toolkits. Copenhagen, Denmark. Sep. 2017.
7. 2nd NNFCB-KAIST Workshop on the Systems Biology of Streptomycetes. Invited talk: Development of CRISPR-Cas9 toolkit for Streptomyces. Daejeon, South Korea. May. 2017.
6. International Conference on Metabolic Science. Invited talk: An efficient CRISPR toolkit for actinomycetes genome editing. Shanghai, China. Oct. 2016.
5. 1st NNFCB-KAIST Workshop on the Systems Biology of Streptomycetes. Invited talk: Establishment and application of CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing toolkit in Streptomyces. Kgs. Lyngby. Denmark, Nov. 2016.
4. VAAM Workshop “Biology of natural product producing microorganisms”. Invited talk: A highly efficient actinomycetal genomic engineering toolkit based on CRISPR-Cas9. Frankfurt, Germany. Sep. 2015. 
3. 2015 NNFCB annual seminar. Invited talk: A highly efficient actinomycetal genomic engineering toolkit based on CRISPR-Cas9. Copenhagen, Denmark. Aug. 2015.
2. 2012 Chinese Academy of Sciences Mathematics and Interdisciplinary Forum. Invited talk: The synergistic antifungal mechanism study of beauvericin. Beijing, China. Dec. 2012.
1. International Student Forum. Invited talk: Beauvericin targeting ABC transporters and elevating intracellular calcium to reverse multidrug resistance in Candida albicans. Tokyo, Japan. Oct. 2011.